Based on her ongoing research on Counterfactuals in Media Arts, Elke Reinhuber explores how a narrative can be presented in a multi-linear manner, by fragmenting and dissecting it for the audience. The spectator is invited to become the protagonist of the film short and to question the different outcomes of the decisive situation.
The plot is based on the popular mythological tale of Orpheus and Eurydice in regard of their key moments, questioning what if the story would have had a different outcome? According to the tale, as Orpheus has been the first human being who visited the underworld and returned alive to the here and now, particular attention is drawn to the display of life-supporting imaging technologies, which merely provide a concept of the physical conditions, but never on a mental or psychological level. Therefore the S3D video presentation consists of several layers, including spatial audio and augmented reality, each of them revealing a different aspect on the situation. At the same time, the display modes force the spectators to turn their heads around and by doing so, being in the same situation as the protagonist of the ancient Greek myth.
Based on the same footage, three different set-ups will allow different access to the story told:
• panoramic version with 360° movie for panoramic screens or Oculus Rift or equivalent portable VR device
• 2-channel S3D installation with 2 opposing screens (ideally 4x3m each and 8 metre distance) and 6 speakers.
• single-channel S3D screening version with Dolby 5.1
Please see the details for set-up requirements here and read a more detailed description