The term 'Conterfactualism' was coined during my artistic research in media-arts. It aims to bring counterfactual thinking from different disciplines (e.g. psychology, philosophy, historiography and others) together and describes also counterfactual thoughts in fine arts. Here, it might appear in different stages:
1. in the process of the artistic production
2. in the artwork itself, dealing with possible lives of the artist
3. evoking counterfactual thoughts within the audience
The counterfactualism-manifesto will soon be available on this page.

The works listed on this page were developed in the process of my artistic research.


Everything! Decisions with 3 Tesla An Experiment with Time 2012_decidophobia 2012_eternal_return 2012_hand 2012_decision_disc 2011_blank_chance y_klein 2011_decision_values 2011_pfeile 2011_decidophobia

Download catalogues and documentations:
Decidophobia Booklet (2 MB)
Documentation (43 MB)

Your day will come!
Info (2MB)
Documentation movie (33 MB)

Decisions – A User's Manual (1,3 MB)

I Know Where I'm Going! (1,5 MB)

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