Modular installation for walls, tables or the floors, to be put up at will. Pigment on canvas in the following colours: salad green, tomato red, carrot orange, parsley green, olive green, and onion yellow. Pigment on canvas, no particular arrangement for the putting up Overall size is 4' by 5'8". 1 x salad green 2'31/2" by 2'31/2" 2 x tomato red ø 10" 3 x carrot orange ø 6" 5 x onion yellow 2" by 3" 6 x parsley green 2" by 11/2"

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Gemischter Salat

Modulare Wand-/Tisch-/Bodeninstallation zur variablen Anordnung. Pigment auf Leinwand in den Farben Salatgrün, Tomatenrot, Karottenorange, Petersiliegrün, Olivgrün und Zwiebelgelb.