Elke Reinhuber's recent research projects include:

1.) Tangible/Intangible: Exploring the possibilities of capturing multi-sensory impressions to create immersive Virtual Reality environments, exemplified with the forking path structure of the Yunnan Garden at NTU.

2.) The Decisive Moment in Mythology – an artistic research on multi-layered tales in immersive environments, applying various imaging technologies to explicate counterfactual thoughts

Furthermore she is Co-PI in the following projects:

3.) Unheard, Unseen: Sound and Memory in Sound Design for Narrative Film in 2D and VR (PI Ross Williams)

4.) From Print to Digital: Re-Defining Narrativity for Interactive Digital Media. (PI Hans-Martin Rall)

5.) Revealing the psychological and behavioural effects of public art using virtual reality (PI Qiu Lin)