Media: Stereoscopic S3D movie short
Year: 2016/18
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Elke Reinhuber presents her immersive S3D video installation VENOMENON: A reflection on tough decisions under the pressure of life-changing events.
Trapped in the endless labyrinth of life, the protagonists are torn between uneasy choices, but have to opt for their way out. Produced entirely in Singapore, the project invites to explore impressive architecture in three-dimensional sculpturality, the piece encompasses two opposing screens, offering the audience a chance to immerse in a cocoon of vistas, elucidating the indecisiveness where to look.

Written, directed and edited by Elke E. Reinhuber. Acted out by Katharine Crane, Jamil Schulze and Kevin Lagrange. Photographed by Martin Morlock with assistance by Dominic Thiel. Costume design by Galina Mihaleva. Shot on location in the Republic of Singapore; edited with the help of Jonas Piroth and sound design by Sebastian Pelz. For more information, please click here.
Research funding provided by ADM/NTU Singapore; support also by the Ying Fo Fui Kun Society and the Singapore Tourism Board.


August – September 2018
VENOMENON [The Prospect]
In conjunction with the Night Festival Singapore, VENOMENON was on display at the Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS), Selegie Arts Centre, 30 Selegie Road, Singapore 188351

April – November 2018
Exhibition opening at ADM Gallery, Singapore
Curated by Michelle Ho

July 11–14 Presentation and installation of the 360° version of »VENOMENON« at V&A and EVA Digital Futures, London, as part of the EVA conference at BCS.