Collections of standardised items, which are either individualised to a certain extend or vary in different countries.
The series consist of 20 (baguettes, which follows the French Décret n°93-1074) up to 1218 (water valve indication following the German DIN 4067). Sometimes they have a local reference (101 water hydrants or 101 wheels - all captured in the district of Reykjavìk with the postcode 101).
The images are either combined into tableaus of various dimensions, slideshows or hugely enlarged.

eer_BauGb_klein 2011_baguette 2011_n25mm

The following series do not refer in the same direct manner with standards, but origin from the same background - observations in public space of recurring objects or situations (for instance the expiry date of groceries, street-signs, construction sites, currency, etc.)


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